Ellie Rae’s Grooming Salon

After the success of our mobile grooming services, we are proud to announce the launch of our fantastic new dog grooming salon which is now open.

The shop has all the luxury services we offer from our mobile units but with the added benefit of ample space and more staff on hand to ensure your dog gets the very best service and upmost care and attention.

We welcome all visitors to pop in and have a look at our new facilities, however you may wish to make an appointment for your dog to be groomed to save disappointment as we are receiving vast amount of interest from local dog owners who have been waiting for such a great service.

Please use the form below to get in touch or alternatively you can us direct on 0800 133 7493 to find out more or to book an appointment today.


Get in Touch

Use our quick and easy contact form below to receive a response within the hour.

  • Address : Ground floor
    Millars Three
    Southmill road
    Bishops Stortford
  • Phone : 01279 912313
  • Email :

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Monthly goodies for your dog delivered to your door

Breed Full Groom (with clippers) Bath and tidy
Afgan £69.00 ALL PRICES £38.00
Airedale £44.00
American Cocker Spaniel £44.00
Bearded Collie £44.00
Bernese mountain dog £79.00
Border Collie £44.00
Border Terrier – clip off £44.00
Cairn Terrier – clip off £44.00
Cavalier £44.00
Chihuahua £44.00
Chow Chow £95.00
Cockapoo £54.00
Cocker Spaniel – clip off £44.00
Cross breeds £44.00
Dachshund £44.00
Dalmatian £48.00
Fox Terrier £44.00
Giant Schnauzer £54.00
Golden Retriever £54.00
Gordon Setter £44.00
GSD long haired £64.00
GSD Short-haired £54.00
Irish Setter £44.00
Labradoodle £54.00
Labrador Retriever £44.00
Leonburger £74.00
Miniature Poodle £44.00
Miniature Schnauzer £44.00
Newfoundland £74.00
Norfolk Terrier £44.00
Old English Sheepdog £54.00
Portuguese Water Dog £54.00
Pug £44.00
Rough Collie £54.00
Samoye £74.00
Scottish Terrier £44.00
Shih-Tzu £44.00
Springer Spaniel – clip off £44.00
St. Bernard £74.00
Staffordshire £44.00
Standard Poodle £44.00
Standard Schnauzer £44.00
Tibetan Terrier £44.00
Toy Poodle £44.00
West Highland White-clip off £44.00
Westie £38.00
Yorkshire Terrier £38.00