Prior to a grooming session, please state any individual requirement your pet may need, giving us feedback after completion

Prior to treatment

Please ensure your dog has relieved itself prior to grooming.

  • Please state any individual requirements your pet may need, giving us feedback after completion.
  • At each visit please keep us up to date with the current health of your pet, informing us of any known allergies or medical problems and any changes since your previous visit.
  • It is important we are aware of any aggressive tendencies or incidents of biting. If your dog is prone to such behaviour, a soft muzzle will be used if considered necessary. Should your dog display unmanageable behaviour on our premises, we reserve the right to cancel the grooming session with full charges payable.

During the treatment

With regard to health and safety requirements for both our staff and your pet, we reserve the right to either cancel a grooming session or refuse to groom a pet at our discretion.


We will only offer a guarantee of service / refund request consideration if a dog has been groomed in the eight weeks prior to our treatment session. This is to ensure that the dog’s fur is free from any knotting or matting and is in good condition. If this is not carried out, the shape of the breed could be lost.


  • We require full payment upon completion of each grooming session.
  • We accept telephonic payments as well as credit card, cash and PayPal transactions. However, payments made via Pay Pal will incur an extra fee of 2.75 %.


  • A fee of 50 % of our standard grooming charge will be applied to all missed appointments. This charge is also applicable for any cancellations made with less than a 24 hour notice period.